PAWS Tablet PC Edition

What’s a Tablet PC?  


Imagine being able to carry a wireless workstation with you from room to room entering charges or notes to medical records in your PAWS database on another computer as you go.

Gateway® Tablet PC

Imagine being able to take your PAWS database home with you at night, make any changes you want to make, print your reports, and bring it back to work with you in the morning.

Enter your hand written notes directly into PAWS text fields using a digitizer pen.  Your handwriting is automatically converted to text.

Train your Tablet PC to recognize your voice, then speak your commands and dictate your notes.  Use a built-in microphone or connect a headset and microphone for easier use.

Connect a keyboard and mouse for data entry the old fashioned way.

Access the Internet. Send email.

Upload pictures or videos from your digital camera.

Sketch pictures and save them for future reference.

Create To Do Lists and “sticky” notes.

Hand write or dictate letters into Microsoft Word and have them translated into written text.

Listen to music or watch a movie using external DVD/CD-RW and either stereo speakers or headphones.

Put your Tablet PC in a docking station, connect the docking station to a large monitor, and give presentations to a group.

Simply Awesome!!!!


Here’s a PAWS Desktop with virtual keyboard. The Tablet PC supports both portrait and landscape orientation of the screens.  


This picture shows portrait orientation.  This is a typical clipboard view. You may also use it in a more traditional landscape (wider) mode.

Here is a check out screen.  Drag and drop still works.  Simply point to a client or item in a list using the pen and drag it to a screen.  The pen emulates mouse moves.


Tap a button with the pen.  It performs a mouse click.

You may hand write into any text field in PAWS.  Write a client ID into a client ID field.  Enter your SOAP medical records notes using your own handwriting.

Your hand writing is converted into text and placed into the text field.


After more than 30 years in the computer business, I have become fairly jaded when it comes to new technology.  I have to tell you that I was blown away!  My new Gateway® Tablet PC exceeds my expectations by more than I could ever have imagined.


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