Internet Backup Service


If I told you that you could have your valuable data files backed up every night to a secure location automatically for a small monthly fee, would you be interested?




I have a new computer.  It won't fail.  I don't need to do a backup.

New computers can and will fail.  If your data is not backed up at least once per day, you will lose valuable business data.

My staff does a system backup each night before leaving.

We recently had a client with a hard drive failure.  Upon inspection of their nightly backup, we discovered that they had not had a good backup in months.  Why?  Because their staff had been ignoring an error message coming from their backup software!

I have my backup software setup to run overnight.  That is all that I need to do.

Businesses are burglarized every night.  Computers are stolen.  What happens to your business if your valuable backup is stolen with the rest of your equipment?  This actually happened to one of our clients!


Fires happen even in veterinary clinics.  Melted backups aren't much use.

I do a system backup every night and take it home with me.

Just because a backup seems to work, does not mean that the data can be restored.  Media can fail.


Working in conjunction with a third-party vendor, we are able to provide you with secure, Internet backup of your data for as little as $10 per month.  A broadband (DSL or cable) Internet connection is required.  If interested, please contact us for more information. To sign up online or for more information simply click here.


NOTE: You do not have to be a PAWS customer to use our Internet backup product.


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